Flight Performance Applications

  • Systems Integration for Combat Identification (CID) projects. Coordinating and leading team-mates on rapid development advanced CID capabilties. Sensor fusion activities include support for laboratory simulations as well as flight testing capabilities.
  • Flight guidance and decision-making aid for U.S. Airforce precision airdrop. Systems engineering involvement in constructive and virtual simulations, through live flight demonstration of the portable mission display airdrop application.
  • Virtual simulation studies integrating in-flight technologies and display concepts for the airlift task environment. Materials and technologies included complex scenario development, and technology integration for simulation of the operational environment.
  • Systems research for a future reduced crew tanker virtual simulation effort, including future display concepts and virtual simulation study planning for user interaction with an autonomous boom system
  • User interface for an aircraft onboard secure satellite communication system.  Communication channels included moving maps, threat data, data bus sampling, free-form and prefilled communications, and test messageing interfaces on a small screen device for mobility aircraft. Virtual and live fly tests and scenarios included usability, situation awareness, and workload assessments.

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