Human Factors Solutions LLC Has Demonstrated Expertise In All Stages Of Human Systems Integration Processes

Human Systems Engineering Process

Design & Development 

  • Wireframe & Prototype Development
  • Simulation Design
  • Scenario Design
  • Visualization Development
  • Descriptive Modeling
  • Training System Design & Development
  • Synthetic task environments





  • Situation Awareness Assessment

  • Workload Analysis

  • Trust in Automation

  • Performance Testing

  • Team Collaboration Analysis

  • Error Analysis

  • Self Report Testing

  • Task Usability Testing

  • Testing in synthetic task environments






  • Requirements Definition

  • Report Writing & Publication

  • Integrated Product Team Engagement

  • Dynamic Technology Specifications



Requirements Definition

  • Task Analytic Approaches
  • Cognitive Analysis Methods
  • Structured Interviews
  • Work Analysis
  • Functional Interviews
  • Observational Analysis
  • Walkthroughs
  • Document Reviews



Requirements/ Logistical Analysis

  • Function Deployment
  • Criteria Identification
  • Function Allocation
  • Trade-Off Analysis
  • Training System Analysis




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