Command & Control User Interfaces

  • Award winner for InnoCentive Challenge # 9934120 VQ Price: Space Situational Awareness User Interface for the Traditional Interface category. Visualizations offered improved space operator understanding and awareness for specific apsects associated with satellites in Earth orbit. Designs enabled operators to intuitively navigate massive amounts of space object data and cognitively process different views.
  • Design and test of user interfaces for an aircraft onboard satellite communication system for command and control. Communication channels included moving maps, threat data, data bus sampling, free-form and prefilled communications, and text messaging interfaces on a small screen device.
  • Design of an advanced visualization for collaborative, distributed command and control environments for real-time coarse of action (COA) decision making.
  • Evalution of homeland security command and control systems to identify technologies and methods for more effective situation awareness.
  • Enhancement of space and air force command and control decision making through advanced visualization designs of satellite constellations and related functions.


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