Laurie Larsen Quill 

Laurie founded Human Factors Solutions LLC in 2012, after spending 20+ years leading human systems integration and human factors investigations at the University of Dayton Research Institute.

Laurie has proven technical expertise in:


  • The application of cognitive and decision-making concepts to complex systems
  • Human-systems interaction and collaboration
  • Designing for effective user experiences
  • Systems design for learning
  • Evaluation of human performance and situation awareness in stressful, high-workload conditions
  • Design and development of synthetic task environments 


And, Laurie is well-known for her:


  • Skill in leading & collaborating with high-performing teams and ability to maintain a productive climate while motivating others
  • Dedication to finding effective solutions through active listening, taking initiative and a willingness to learn
  • Exemplary skill in planning & organizing to ensure efficiency while still promoting adaptability to new ideas
  • Loyalty, dedication and a strong sense of integrity


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