Laurie Larsen Quill is the principal of Human Factors Solutions LLC. Laurie is an expert in leading human systems integration and human factors investigations. Her technical expertise is in application of cognitive and decision-making concepts to complex systems; human-systems integration needs for workforce development; designing for effective user experiences; evaluation of human performance and situation awareness in stressful, high-workload conditions; and design and development of synthetic task environments.  


Laurie's Proven Professional Strengths:

·  Skilled in leading and collaborating with high-performing teams by maintaining a productive climate and motivating others.

·  Devoted to solving problems for successful outcomes.

·  Dedicated to finding effective solutions through active listening, taking initiative, and a willingness to learn.

·  Exemplary at planning and organizing to ensure efficiency while still promoting adaptaility for new ideas.

·  Loyal and dedicated, with a strong sense of integrity.   





Human Factors Solutions LLC follows several main principles, which are the foundation and keys to success:


  • Understand the user's perspective, listen.
  • Connect related programs and interests.
  • Promote sound regional and professional capabilities.
  • Ensure collegial teams that are cohesive and inclusive.
  • Bridge academic understanding with pragmatic street-smart understanding.
  • Work consistently to achieve goals.
  • Incorporate creativity with scientific practice.